About Us

My name is Kris Van de Sande, and as an international freelance photographer I have been lucky enough to travel, capture memories and tell stories from all over the globe.

Ever since I visited Disneyland Paris in 2000, I always wanted to capture a bit of that Disney Magic that touches every visitor. Going back in 2004, I made my first pictures, which continue with a passion to this day. Since then, thousands of images have been taken, many of these becoming a viral sensation online.

The most asked question about my photography is undoubtedly: “How did you do that?” 

Paying forward that skill and knowledge always has been important to me, like organising workshops, blogging and behind the scenes videos. Here came the idea to discuss images I created at Disneyland Paris on my many visits.

July 2016, after many, many months of planning, Capture The Magic was born, a two-weekly video podcast talking about my Disney photography. With these vlogs, or video blogs, I will typically highlight a photo, tell or show you the story behind it, and most importantly, tell you how I did it.

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